A Brief History...

The Club was founded in 1949 by Mrs. Lund, wife of the American High Commissioner of the area. She organized a language course, through which she met many German women. At that time, fraternization between Germans and Americans was not allowed, but she carried on and also formed a handiwork group. She supplied materials which were unobtainable in Nürnberg during this period. As a result, the group was able to make and sell their work and thereby help themselves and many needy families. From 1949 until she died in California in 1979, Mrs. Lund maintained close contact with the Club.

Fifty years later, the spirit of the ten founding members (9 Germans and 1 American) continues to be the corner-stone of the Club, whose purpose is to promote friendship and understanding between women. As our community is changing, so is the makeup of our membership. Current enrollment hovers more than 225, including not only German and American members but an increasingly wide spectrum of other nationalities as well. English, however, remains our Club's first language.

The philanthropic activities of the club are aimed toward promoting the future of German-American understanding through support of the student exchange program of the Federation of German-American Clubs. We welcome to our fellowship all English-speaking ladies who share our interests and our goals.